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One Family’s Experience of the New Era

Bryant’s interview with a Christian family that has lived through the open era in China and is now experiencing increasingly restrictive days, provides a realistic view of what this new era in society means for everyday Christians.

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History of Student Ministry in China

Starting in 1818 and continuing to the present, the author provides an overview of the history of student ministry in China.

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Introducing Modern Chinese Education

Following a brief overview of the history of China’s educational system, the authors compare underlying Eastern and Western worldviews and then the practical implications these have for expatriates teaching in China.

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Views from the Classroom

Four expatriate teachers, from a variety of educational sectors throughout China, give their individual perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of teaching there. Their reflections from long-term experience provide helpful insights.

ChinaSource Perspective

More Blessed to Receive

Expatriate teachers went to China to give. But often they ended up taking more of China with them than they had bargained for. The editor of ChinaSource Quarterly gives several suggestions for how to be a good reciever.

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A Chinese Perspective on Expatriate Teachers

Interview and Commentary

Professor Wang provides her views about expatriate, Christian teachers in China followed by the guest editor’s commentary on the key issues she addresses.

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Eastern Versus Western Learning Approaches

Book Review

Cultural Foundations of Learning: East and West by Jin Li.
Reviewed by Lisa Nagle

There are deep cultural differences between Eastern and Western societies regarding learning and development. The notion of whether creativity is learned or not is just one of these. This book explores some of the differing approaches to learning found in these cultures and concludes with a look at them in the twenty-first century.


Partnering in Education


The guest editor's point of view

Peoples of China

Studying in America

Challenges, Differences and Outcomes

The author talks about his experiences as an international student from China who came to the U.S. to study in high school. He tells us of the challenges he faced and the sacrifices his parents made. He points out major differences between the two cultures and shares with us how the experience has changed him.

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Ministering to Chinese International High Schoolers in the U.S.

Guarding Their Souls

When teens move to a new country, going from east to west and from the familiar to the unfamiliar, they face tremendous pressures in addition to the challenges of their young lives. Who will care for and guide them during the days of transition? Chen examines how schools, host parents, churches and Christian organizations can ease the pressures, make the transition easier and introduce them to the gospel.