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The Church in China: Living in Babylon

The author recounts personal stories showing how much things have changed in China since 2015, as evidenced by the CCP's increased control, repression, and persecution.

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A Deep Well

In this issue, we are offered thoughtful articles which provide us with rich draughts of wisdom and experience. We will be drawing from this deep well for some time to come.

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Understanding and Serving in the “New China”

A review of China’s Next Generation: New China, New Church, New World by Luis Bush, Brent Fulton, and a Christian Worker in China.

China is changing dramatically and rapidly—economically, socially, and culturally. These changes have affected the church as well. This book looks at the “New China” and the factors that have brought about the changes; it also examines how the church has entered this new society. Especially for those working with young people, who need to understand their mindset, this book provides a concise overview of key issues and influences.

Peoples of China

Intergenerational Challenges in Christian Marriages

A Sociological Case Study of Urban Young Christians in China

Over recent generations, marriage expectations have changed. For young Christians in China, marriages are taking on new ethical norms that include challenges. Parental pressures in finding a spouse as well as in planning a wedding can create much tension. After marriage, child-bearing and rearing continue to generate challenges between the young couple and their parents. The one-child policy has exacerbated these difficulties. Christian couples are swimming against many secular tides in these areas.

View From the Wall

Five Profound Mentoring Needs in China

Lee identifies five areas where Chinese leaders need mentoring due to a lack of positive influences in their lives. He examines each of these areas and shows how mentoring can fill the voids left by unfulfilling or nonexistent relationships.

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Musings of a Mentee

Mentor: “A good teacher and valuable friend.” With this definition, the author shares how three mentors have made an impact in her life and testifies to the reality, omnipotence, compassion, and greatness of her Heavenly Father.


Mentors at Work:

A Rare Glimpse behind the Scenes

The guest editor's point of view...

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Chinese Christianity

Turning the Nation Around

Is China being Christianized?