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ChinaSource Quarterlies

WTO One Year Later

Vol. 4, No. 4

2002 Winter Issue


Effective China Service in the Era of WTO

The editor's perspective.

Book Reviews

God in China’s Marketplace

Holistic Entrepreneurs in China, Tetsunao Yamamori and Kim-Kwong Chan, 

A Review by John Swem

Peoples of China

Changing Paradigms

In light of the changes affecting China's economic and social situations, what issues need to be considered in bringing the gospel to China's unreached people groups?

View From the Wall

Changes and Challenges

China after Joining the WTO

Examining the benefits and challenges of joining the WTO.

Supporting Article

Social Change in the Church

How are the changes in China's economic and social sitution affecting the Chinese church?

Supporting Article

The Call for an Ethical Society

Seeking a more ethical society through the implementation of quality of standards in Chinese business practices.

Lead Article

China’s WTO Accession—One Year Later

An overview of China’s social, economic, and religious situations on the first anniversary of China’s WTO accession.

Lead Article

China’s Society Makes a Comeback

An overview of China's public institutions.