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What Is to be Our Role?

Hearing God’s Voice through the Church in China

In determining how the church outside of China can serve China's churches, it is essential to listen to Chinese Christians. This article is based on interviews and conversations the author had with leaders of churches in China and with expatriates who work with the church in China

Supporting Article

Serving the Church in China

Five Lessons for Effective Partnership

Gleaning lessons for working well with the Chinese church gleaned from the experiences of others.

Supporting Article

A Sixteenth Century Strategy for Serving China in the 21st Century

What can we learn today from the work of Matteo Ricci?

Supporting Article

Letter from a Chinese Evangelist

A letter from a Chinese evangelist about foreign involvement in the Chinese church, followed by a response.

View From the Wall

Keys to Effectiveness in an Ever-Changing China

What is essential to serving effectively in China?

Peoples of China

Partnering to Reach the Peoples of China

God is building his church among the peoples of China, but the vast majority of Chinese have still never heard the gospel—or even the name of Jesus. How can we reach them?

Book Reviews

More Like Us?

To Change China: Western Advisers in China 1620-1960 by Jonathan Spence. 

Reviewed by Daniel Bays

Supporting Article

China and the Olympics

Prospects for Change

Looking ahead to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Book Reviews

Peeking beneath the Surface

An Introduction to the Mainland Chinese Soul, LEAD Consulting.

Reviewed by Kay Danielson