A core value of ChinaSource is a commitment to ministry collaboration. This is rooted in our belief that unity in the ministry community comes through recognizing the unique roles, gifts, and resources that each individual and organization contributes in advancing the kingdom of God. Given the complicated nature of China, wisdom is needed in working together to deploy resources strategically and effectively.

Our work is done in partnerships, both formal and informal, with like-minded organizations and individuals. We work together to accomplish a mutually beneficial vision and pre-determined objectives as we serve, support, and strengthen the China ministry community and the church in China.

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While many of our partnerships are behind-the-scenes, here are a few key partners with which we have a public relationship.

ERRChina / China Academic Consortium (CAC)
Educational Resources and Referrals – China (ERRChina) is a non-profit organization committed to building bridges through education and academic exchange. For almost 40 years, we’ve developed a wide range of programs that bring together students, teachers, and scholars across both sides of the Pacific.

For 25 years, ERRChina’s academic arm, China Academic Consortium (CAC), has nurtured Chinese and Western scholars, cultivating fertile ground for cross-cultural exchange and research while furthering the general public’s understanding of China and Chinese Christianity.

US-China Catholic Association (USCCA)
Inspired by the gospel, the mission of the US-China Catholic Association is to build bridges of friendship and dialogue between people of China and the United States by offering educational, service, and cultural programs in support of the Church and the larger society.

China Christian Daily
China Christian Daily is a comprehensive Christian news website dedicated to the coverage of the church in China. As a cross-denominational evangelical media website, it delivers up-to-date news, information, and commentary relevant to Chinese Christians and serves as a bridge for Chinese Christians to connect to the rest of the world. The website features the latest events regarding the various churches, ministries, fellowships, and NGOs throughout China.

Christianity Today
Christianity Today is regarded worldwide as the leading evangelical publication for news and opinion. Trusted for its thoughtful and civil presentation of ideas and analysis, CT now reaches over five million Christian leaders monthly through its printed pages,, and a wide array of other print and digital resources that further engage, encourage, and equip the church worldwide.

FieldPartner is an online portal of resources for Christian missionaries working across cultures. Having spent over 40 years on the mission field, our founders Ross and Christine Paterson understand the need for support and teaching for missionaries and their supporting churches back home. Through FieldPartner, they join with other experienced missionaries to share decades worth of wisdom in cross-cultural mission to encourage and equip the next generation.

OSCAR is an acronym of “One Stop Centre for Advice and Resources.” If you’re involved or interested in Christian or mission work, in the UK or overseas, OSCAR is your gateway to useful, related opportunities, information, advice and resources.

ReFrame Ministries—Chinese (普世佳音)ReFrame Ministries serves as a pioneer, think tank, and partner in new media ministry within the Chinese-speaking world. Our mission is to create contextual media resources that proclaim the gospel, disciple believers, and strengthen the church, using the tools that new media provides. In an era of ever-increasing internet regulations, we are taking the lessons learned from more than a decade of dedicated work in social media and using them to redefine Chinese-language Christian publishing so that we can meet the deepest needs of those we serve in ways that are accessible, timely, and contextual.