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The Influence of Denominations on Church Organizational Structure in China

The issues of theological stance and church governance that impact the decision of whether or not to be a part of a denomination are discussed.

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Denomination Names in Chinese

What, you might be wondering, are the Chinese names for some of the various denominations and sects in China?

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Denominationalism or Nondenominationalism?

Is There a Third Way?

The author looks at the history of denominationalism in China and discusses what being part of a denomination means.

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The Lianghui and Registered Churches

Friends or Foes?

The Lianghui is one of those things that falls into the category of “church with Chinese characteristics.”

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A Pastoral Perspective on Contextualization

An Interview with Pastor "Peter"
An “On the Ground” Perspective

The guest editor interviews a pastor from eastern China on the topic of contextualization.

The Lantern

Feeling the Pulse of China

June news from ChinaSource.

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Why I Would Not Become a Christian

Reflections on God and Culture

Fan Xuede’s article is not an easy one to read. Here you will find the brutally honest soul of a contemporary mainland Chinese mind, who views the West— and the Christian religion—from a 20th  century non-western perspective. You may not be ready for what you will find. A former Marxist philosopher who is now living in the United States, his words will warm your heart and move you to tears. It may also surprise, shock, anger, shame, and convict you. Our prayer is that it will move you to your knees, to prayer and to action.

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Interview with Rev. Yoman Man

The Experience of One American City—Chicago

In this interview, Rev. Man, the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Chinese Church in Villa Park, Illinois, tells of the growth of the church, how Chinese immigration has affected it, and the challenges it has faced.

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Be Open

What I Learned through My Church Experiences in China, the US, and the World

I am grateful for these past church experiences. Certainly, my church view will continue to change as I grow, but what remains unchanged is the beauty in God’s church. No matter where I go, I see the passion for Christ and his kingdom in each true believer, and the transparency, vulnerability, and love for one another in the church.


ZGBriefs | January 2, 2020

Outspoken Chinese Pastor Wang Yi Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison  (December 30, 2019, Christianity Today)
China on Monday sentenced a prominent pastor who operated outside the Communist Party–recognized Protestant organization to nine years in prison.