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Denomination Names in Chinese

What, you might be wondering, are the Chinese names for some of the various denominations and sects in China?

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The Influence of Denominations on Church Organizational Structure in China

The issues of theological stance and church governance that impact the decision of whether or not to be a part of a denomination are discussed.

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Denominationalism or Nondenominationalism?

Is There a Third Way?

The author looks at the history of denominationalism in China and discusses what being part of a denomination means.

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The Lianghui and Registered Churches

Friends or Foes?

The Lianghui is one of those things that falls into the category of “church with Chinese characteristics.” If one considers the registered church to be a denomination in the Western sense, then one could conceive of the Lianghui as the local, regional, and national organization of the church. But the registered church is not […]

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A Pastoral Perspective on Contextualization

An Interview with Pastor "Peter"
An “On the Ground” Perspective

[…] can try to develop contextualization in China, but they must be diligent not simply to import content from their own culture. For instance, some missionaries strongly emphasize denominationalism. In China, they simply replicate their denomination’s traditions, doctrines, and practices. However, much of those things are simply Western cultural traditions, not biblical mandates. This is […]

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Why I Would Not Become a Christian

Reflections on God and Culture

[…] Orthodoxy opposed one another. Catholics and Protestants treat each other as enemies. Within Protestantism, we have Lutherans, Reformed, Anglicans, and Baptists critiquing each other. Even within one denomination, factions hold on to their own distinctive positions and yet claim that their faith is the only true faith in the universe while proceeding to further […]

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Feeling the Pulse of China

[…] and reflecting, we are also carefully listening. The most recent ChinaSource Quarterly available earlier this month is one example of our engagement with China. This issue on denominationalism in China is guest edited by mainland Chinese scholars with contributions from other Chinese commentators. If you read the Quarterly you will hear and feel a […]

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Be Open

What I Learned through My Church Experiences in China, the US, and the World

[…] unique mix of influences from the Local Church and Catholic Mysticism, yet the church did not preach much about theology, so I was not aware of what denomination it belonged to. I was the only teenager among elderly people. I remember my feet would fall asleep because I knelt too long during night prayers. […]


Let’s Be Honest about Denominationalism in China

When it comes to discussions on denominations or denominationalism in China, Christians easily get stuck on the basic questions: Are there now denominations among churches in China? Isn’t China on the post-denominational end of the continuum? Should there be denominations? If so, how should they work? The first two are factual questions, and the […]

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Three Changes in Urban Churches

[…] identity in a student fellowship instead of in a church.  By the sovereignty of God, something happened that was not purposely planned by any individual, church, or denomination. Parachurch workers have been influenced in recent years by Reformed theology. For example, the ministry 9Marks has given workers a deeper understanding of the church. After churches […]