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Search and Research

We continue our series on research and the indigenous Chinese church with part three—a look at some of the publically available resources for research in China.

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The Church’s Role with Returnees from China

Suggestions are given for practical ways in which churches can help ease the transition of cross-cultural workers returning from China to their home country.

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Advantages and Challenges for Indigenous Researchers (2)

The Challenges

Four challenges that indigenous researchers face in researching the church in China.


Youth in China

Several agencies have joined together to sponsor research on China's youth. Divided into three units of research, the first part, conducted in Changsha, has been completed. Following is a summary of the findings. In June, the research will be carried out in Chengdu and, towards the end of the summer, in a third city. The entire research project will be completed by the end of 2010.

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Overseas NGO Law—We Can Help

Since the implementation of the new Overseas NGO Law on January 1, overseas organizations that work in/with/for China have been in varying degrees of panic. Maybe this is you, and you’ve found yourself overwhelmed with trying to interpret the new law as it applies to your specific situation, let alone embarking on the steps necessary to become legitimized. We're here to help!

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Functioning as the Body to Build the Body

Working Together for Chinese Returnees

Many returnees have difficulty getting involved in a church once they return to China. The author looks at how agencies, churches, and individuals working together can help returnees become part of a church body. She also explores the benefits of working together internationally and concludes with the importance of partnerships and reasons they can be difficult.

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ResearchShare—A New Resource from ChinaSource

ResearchShare is a place where those in the ChinaSource community can share their research, projects, and academic papers.

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The Need for Professional Help

Having to leave your home in China suddenly is not just difficult, it is a trauma and should not be taken lightly.

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How a Lawyer Can Help

Four ways a lawyer can help register your overseas NGO in China.

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Advantages and Challenges for Indigenous Researchers (1)

The Advantages

Access, trust, and past immersion in essential related fields are three advantages enjoyed by two indigenous Chinese researchers.