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Jul 21

Chinese Sending Organizations—Are They Necessary?

by Si Shi (四石)

The same difficulties that local churches in the west have had in sending out workers cross-culturally are being seen in Chinese churches as they send missionaries beyond their borders. Are mission-sending organiszations needed to minimize those difficulties?

Jul 20

ZGBriefs | July 20, 2017

by Joann Pittman

Featured Article

The secret lives of Chinese missionaries in northern Iraq (July 16, 2017, South China Morning Post)
Used to persecution at home, two young Chinese Christians say life can be more peaceful in northern Iraq, where they work with Yazidi refugees.

Jul 19

Youth in China

by ChinaSource Team

Recent research on church leaders in China conducted by ChinaSource and others revealed that one of their chief concerns is raising up the next generation. Youth ministry is still a relatively undeveloped area, but, as the quotes in this month's Lantern show, the needs are great. Please join us in praying for a breakthrough among China's young people. 

Jul 19

China’s Religious Revival

by Brent Fulton

A genuine "must-read" for those seeking to understand the complexities of religious life in China today. 

Jul 18

More Hope for the Future

by ChinaSource Team

In this short video profile, China Christian Daily sketches the work of Home of Hope, a Christian orphanage in Hebei province. The video gives a touching peek into one of the ways Chinese Christians impact society.

Jul 17

Pinyin—Writing the Sound

by Joann Pittman

From the series Learning Chinese

Pinyin is a system of writing the sounds of Chinese using English letters—an indispensable tool for learning to speak Chinese.

Jul 14

Christianity and China’s “Religious Ecology”

by Easten Law

In China, the study of religion as an academic discipline has been gaining momentum in recent years. Centers and institutes for the study of religion have been established at numerous top-tier Chinese universities. As research on religion in China grows, indigenous theories regarding the role of religion in Chinese society and culture are also being constructed and debated. One theoretical framework of note is the “religious ecology” model.

Jul 13

ZGBriefs | July 13, 2017

by Joann Pittman

Featured Article

China Tells Carriers to Block Access to Personal VPNs by February (July 10, 2017, Bloomberg)
Beijing has ordered state-run telecommunications firms, which include China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, to bar people from using VPNs, services that skirt censorship restrictions by routing web traffic abroad, the people said, asking not to be identified talking about private government directives.

Jul 12

A Chinese Christian says “No” to say “Yes!”

by Brent Fulton

A recent Chinese Church Voices post featured one Chinese believer’s reflections on several related decisions she had made in her struggle to live out an authentic faith. Each decision involved saying “no” to the prevailing social norms, putting the author, Wei Chen, at odds with the expectations of co-workers, family, and even her fellow Christians. While Wei posed her decisions in the negative, they together represent a positive affirmation of the counter-cultural values to which many Christians in China aspire.

Jul 11

Responding to Despair, Part 2

"Blue Whale" or Christian Faith?

by ChinaSource Team

Last week we posted the first part of an article from Territory about the entrance of the “death game” Blue Whale into China and its effect on teens in China. Part one detailed the workings of the game. The second part describes a Chinese Christian’s response to the game and the gospel’s message of hope for teens in China. This is part two.