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Jun 24

Chinese Urban Churches Engaging Culture

by Reuben Carter

As urban churches in China face significant changes in the 21st century, will they effectively engage their own culture and reach out with the gospel cross-culturally?

Jun 23

ZGBriefs | June 23, 2016

by Joann Pittman

Featured Article

A better class of teacher (June 21, 2016, China Daily)
Twenty years ago, many English-speaking expats in China applied for teaching jobs because work was easy to come by. Routine inspection of qualifications was almost nonexistent and all most people needed were their mother tongue and an engaging character. The old criteria no longer apply. China is now demanding better-qualified, more-competent English teachers, and by the end of the month the nation's top regulator of expat employment is expected to further raise the bar by implementing a tough application policy.

Jun 22

A Message from the Church in China

by Brent Fulton

Does the Christian church require a sympathetic national government to thrive?

Jun 22

Mid-Year Update from ChinaSource

by ChinaSource Team

As we enter the summer season with time for pause and reflection, we are thankful for a fruitful year so far. God has been graciously guiding the ministry to new opportunities as well as progress in the work he has put before us.

Jun 21

A Christian Lawyer Discusses China’s New Domestic Violence Law

An Interview

by ChinaSource Team

In March China introduced its first-ever comprehensive domestic violence law. While celebrated as an important step toward the protection of women and children (and, occasionally men experiencing abuse) the law also raises a number of questions within the Christian community. Here lawyer and Christ-follower Cheng Pangzhi wrestles through these issues, ultimately offering hope for reconciliation of families and a call to make use of the new law in order to protect victims of violence.

Jun 20

Islam in China

by Joann Pittman

A few years back I was talking with a Chinese scholar friend of mine about Islam in China. In what has to be one of the clearest examples of pragmatic religiosity I’ve encountered, he told me, “Islam has no future here because Han Chinese will never give up eating pork.”

Jun 16

ZGBriefs | June 16, 2016

by Joann Pittman

Featured Article

Video: Sichuan Cuisine, Imperiled by Success (June 14, 2016, The New York Times)
“Sichuanese cuisine really faces a crisis,” said Wang Kaifa, a 71-year-old chef who has been leading a campaign against what he sees as the creeping debasement of the region’s celebrated cooking. “The scene feels like it’s booming, but this is a chaotic boom that has had a lot of negatives,” he said, drawing out his vowels and emphasizing high notes in the region’s lilting accent. “Finally, they could become a sickness that brings down Sichuanese cuisine.”

Jun 15

7 Trends for Foreign Christians in China

by Brent Fulton

The traditional roles of foreign Christians in China are changing. 

Jun 14

The Precious Cross

by ChinaSource Team

If you find yourself worshiping at a church in China, chances are you may sing this song, titled “The Precious Cross."