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The Safety Belt of China

by Joann Pittman

Last week I attended The Gospel Coalition Conference in Orlando, FL.

Is Compassion Conditional?

by Joann Pittman

One of the difficult realities of life in China (or any other developing country) is the daily encounter with beggars.

ZGBriefs | April 16, 2015

by Joann Pittman

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China: What the Uighurs See (April 13, 2015, The New York Review of Books)
Drake has been traveling to Xinjiang since 2007, when she began photographing Central Asia from her base in Istanbul. Over the years, she has come to know the region well, and struggled to break free from its clichés. The summation of her work is Wild Pigeon, an ambitious, beautiful, and crushingly sad book.

Celebrating Life and Death at Easter

by Mark Totman

This year Qingming Festival–Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day–and Easter fell on the same weekend.  While Christians around the world were celebrating an empty tomb many in China were remembering their dead and caring for tombs still filled with bones.

Beijing Christians Celebrate Qingming Festival

by ChinaSource Team

This year April 5 was an interesting day for Christians in China as Easter coincided with Qingming Festival (grave sweeping). On the day they celebrated the empty tomb they were also expected to tend to the tombs of their ancestors. In some cases, the ancestors were themselves Christians, so ceremonies and services are conducted at Christian cemeteries.