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Three Changes in Urban Churches

The author sees two major categories of urban churches in China that are experiencing transformation and goes on to discuss three main areas where he sees this transformation taking place. Viewing these changes as positive, he also believes they are growing stronger.

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The City and the Church

Towards an Urban Theology in China

As China becomes increasingly urbanized, an urban theology for ministry is needed. As modern man finds himself slowly enmeshed in urban living, he experiences materialism, relativism, and an increasingly segmented society. He questions what is real and true, and who God is. These questions can become points of contact for urban ministry. Dr. Ma provides some guidelines for forming an urban theology for ministry in urban China.


Urban Urgency and the Great Commission

The guest editors' point of view . . .

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Tentmaking and Indigenous Urban Mission in China

Few rural evangelists and pastors have really given up their farms or relied on the churches for their living. The author explains more.

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God is Moving in the Cities of China

As the greatest rural to urban migration in history continues in China, God is at work. He is opening doors for Christians to impact the cities of China, and He is stirring up His people to go through those doors. God’s people, both inside and outside of China, are beginning to respond to the challenge […]

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The Formation of a New City-to-City Partnership

An Interview by ChinaSource

There is a growing trend for groups of churches in a city or region to partner together to develop a strategy for effective ministry. Recently a group of churches did just that and choose to focus their ministry efforts on one city in China. Here is an interview with a church leader who has been part of the process.