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Views from the Classroom

Four expatriate teachers, from a variety of educational sectors throughout China, give their individual perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of teaching there. Their reflections from long-term experience provide helpful insights.

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The Need for Chinese Students to Prepare for Their Return

The conflicts and challenges facing returnees as they arrive back in their homeland can be enormous. Culture shock, family matters, work situations, and church issues all contrive to make it unlikely that Chinese Christians returning home will maintain a relationship with Christ if they try to go it alone. The importance of preparation for their return is evident.

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Returnees Committing to Church in China

Committing to a church in China can be difficult for returnees. In this article the author gives some reasons why and then goes on to provide suggestions as to how churches overseas as well as churches in China can help returnees overcome these difficulties. Finally, he identifies attitudes that, if embraced by returnees, will help them to commit to a church once they are back in their homeland.

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Functioning as the Body to Build the Body

Working Together for Chinese Returnees

Many returnees have difficulty getting involved in a church once they return to China. The author looks at how agencies, churches, and individuals working together can help returnees become part of a church body. She also explores the benefits of working together internationally and concludes with the importance of partnerships and reasons they can be difficult.

View From the Wall

Returnee Ministry at Home and Abroad

Large numbers of Chinese students who have studied abroad are returning to their homeland. For those who have come to know Christ while overseas, many easily become lost to the church and Christ upon their return. While there are a variety of reasons for this, churches and organizations both overseas and in China need to cooperate to prevent this. The author gives some concrete suggestions of how this can be done.

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The Hook and the Cook

A Portrait of a Mainland Chinese Student in the UK

After following the 18-month journey of Xiao Mei as she studied in the UK, the author examines the importance of providing familiar cultural settings for Chinese students. Reducing the “cultural distance” allows students to experience Christ and become his disciples in a way that is not usually possible in an all English language and cultural setting.

Peoples of China

Serving the Postmodern Generation

Having worked with Chinese students from overseas who are studying in North America, the author poses the question of how North American Chinese churches should modify their strategies in order to reach these students. After detailing some of the characteristics of postmodern students, he draws from his experience to explain and give examples of strategies he has found useful.

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Chinese Students in the West and China’s Future

With increasing numbers of Chinese students coming to West, how can the church be prepared to reach them with the gospel?