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A House Church Pastor Responds to “China’s Registered Church”

I am glad there are people telling the other side of the story of the TSPM church in China; it’s not only fair to do so but also beneficial for the kingdom of God.

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A Reader Responds to “China’s Registered Churches”

The reality is, there are good and not so good house churches, and there are good and not so good TSPM churches. The important question is the substance of the teaching and ministry of the church rather than how each church navigates the realities of the Chinese government.

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A Look at China’s Registered Church

From the 2020 Autumn Issue of CSQ

The autumn issue of ChinaSource Quarterly , comes out next week and here’s a glimpse of what’s in store.

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Touring Three-Self Churches

Some Final Thoughts

But for me, the striking thing was the homogeneity of the churches over time and place. The churches and their pastors simply went faithfully about their business, the business of sharing and teaching their faith, and leading the people in worship—doing what the church is called to do.

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Reconciliation Is Good, But . . .

Is reconciliation between the Three-self church and house church possible? 

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Not Exclusively Political: Learning from the Diversity of China’s Church

“TSPM or house church?”—often the first question asked about a particular church or pastor, in China.

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8 Things to Know about Wang Mingdao

A new blog in China called iWorship is giving voice to Wang Mingdao, one of the great evangelists and leaders of the Chinese church during the twentieth century. Last week, on our Chinese Church Voices blog, we posted a translation of one of their posts, called “Slow to Speak.” In it, Pastor Wang reminds us of the importance of using our words for God’s glory.

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Who Was Mr. Wu?

Earlier this month, William Wan wrote an excellent article in the Washington Post, title "Prophet or Judas? Son of China Church Founder Tackles Thorny Legacy." The article introduces us to YT Wu, the man who, in the 1950s founded the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee that became the umbrella organization for Protestant Churches in China. The article is specifically about Wu's son's attempts to access his father's personal diaries, which remain in the hands of the government.