Resource Corner

The Registered Church in China

Flourishing in a Challenging Environment

This new publication, by Wayne Ten Harmsel, will soon be available. An excerpt from chapter three is included.

Lead Article

The Three-Self Patriotic Movement

Divergent Perspectives and Grassroots Realities

Vala addresses the history of TSPM churches and the distinction between them and house churches. He looks at their relationship over past years and describes what is happening with both today.

Supporting Article

“House Church” and “Three-Self”

Cooperation Across the Christian Community

Protestantism in contemporary China is usually expressed using the opposing terms of "house church" and "Three-Self church," but McLeister believes this paradigm should not be accepted as a given. Rather, there is a wide range of congregation types in China which the author describes. He goes on to explain why boundaries between congregations may be blurred and gives examples of cooperative activities.