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Chinese Church Voices

The Light of the Bible

My Reflection on the Influence of the Bible on China

A group of devout Christians, who lived out the Bible's teachings, made its words come alive—tangible, and visible. As I was influenced by them, I began to experience joy, gradually transforming from a person prone to anxiety and worry to one filled with hope.

Chinese Church Voices

Untangling the Complexity of Chinese Bible Translations

Which Chinese Bible translation is best? A Chinese professor of systematic theology responds. 

Chinese Church Voices

Remembering Them Every May Fourth

Like many things in China, history remains firmly under the control of the Party. Only approved topics are allowed to be researched and only approved interpretations are allowed to be taught. The narrative is tightly controlled. 

Very little is taught about the history of Christianity in China, and when it is touched on, it is done so in a negative light. Western missionaries have typically been portrayed as being part of the vanguard of imperialism. Less is known about some of the positive things early missionaries were engaged in. 

In recent years, however, a small space has begun to open up for the exploration of Chinese church history, as many educated Christians seek to understand the historical roots of their faith.