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A Response to Richard Cook

Few things are more meaningful to a scholar than to have their work read carefully by respected authorities in their field. I am deeply honored that Richard Cook chose to devote his time and attention to such a close reading of my research on . . . Timothy Richard.

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History as a Theological Laboratory

More from the webinar “Real Lives of Real Missionaries: Timothy Richard (1845-1919)."

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Lessons from Timothy Richard

“Real Lives of Real Missionaries: The Life and Ministry of Timothy Richard,” a webinar presented by Dr. Andrew Kaiser.

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Plans Can’t Keep Up with Changes

An in-person lecture becomes a webinar.

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Insights from a 19th Century Welshman

A Webinar on the Life and Ministry of Timothy Richard.

Are there lessons to be learned about effective cross-cultural work from a 19th  century Welsh Baptist missionary? According to Dr. Andrew Kaiser the answer is a resounding yes!