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The Church in China

Making a Difference in Society

The author discusses five key ways in which TSPM churches are having a positive and eternal impact on Chinese society. Although controlled by the government, these churches continue to faithfully serve their Savior knowing that, ultimately, Jesus controls everything

View From the Wall

Pastoring in a Registered Church

A ChinaSource interview conducted by Kay Danielson

In a recent interview, a pastor of a church, located in a rural district of a northern city in China, speaks about the congregation, its steady growth, its relationship with government officials, the challenges it faces and his responsibilities.

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“House Church” and “Three-Self”

Cooperation Across the Christian Community

Protestantism in contemporary China is usually expressed using the opposing terms of "house church" and "Three-Self church," but McLeister believes this paradigm should not be accepted as a given. Rather, there is a wide range of congregation types in China which the author describes. He goes on to explain why boundaries between congregations may be blurred and gives examples of cooperative activities.