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Cross-Cultural Education in China—and in Chinese Families

Chinese parents often assume that their children attending international schools have the same attitudes, values, and language skills as those attending Chinese schools, but the instruction on how to think—and behave in society—follows different cultural norms.

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Mending the Fractures

Celebrating and Grieving the TCK Story

A TCK responds with three ways she's learned to respond to feeling like "everybody leaves" and "no one understands."

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Two Key Lessons from a TCK Childhood

Goodbyes and being misunderstood—two experiences shared by TCKs.

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TCKs in the 21st Century

What are the unique challeges facing the TCKs of today?

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The Three Cultures of a Third Culture Kid

TCKs do not grow up in any one culture, but in between them, under the influence of multiple cultures.