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Overshadowed at the Edges

December news from ChinaSource.

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On the Ground with the Faith and Generosity in China Initiative

It has been well over a year since ChinaSource launched the Faith and Generosity in China Initiative. We are beginning to see a multi-organizational effort emerge that is aimed at equipping this generation of Chinese Christians to embrace their role as stewards in God’s kingdom.

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Faith and Generosity in China Initiative

Providing Biblical Resources and Training

An opportunity to serve the church in China in developing training and resources on biblical generosity.

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Equipping Christian Leaders for Today’s China

A look at ChinaSource initiatives for Christian leaders in China facing new challenges in their ministries.

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Now That China Is Number One

By at least some calculations, the size of China’s economy exceeded that of the United States this month, putting China in first place. Setting aside the fine points of those calculations (which will likely be the subject of much debate for some time to come), it is clear that China’s economic rise has had far-reaching consequences –including for the Body of Christ – both domestically and internationally,.