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Churches in China Prepare for the New Year

The first day of the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, is next week. Churches in China have been busy preparing for the holiday. These two articles from China Christian Daily tell of three churches that prepared and distributed free New Year couplets to bless their congregations and proclaim God’s love.

Chinese Church Voices

“Forced Marriage” and Spring Festival

A Christian Film Maker Explores the Pressure on Young People

An interview with Christian film maker Geng Haiying about his recently released documentary highlighting the problem of “forced marriages” in Chinese society today.

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China’s Churches Celebrating the New Year

With the Covid-19 restrictions in place during the Spring Festival this year, how did China’s churches celebrate? China Christian Daily gives us glimpse of what the holiday was like for some churches in China.

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What to Take Home for the New Year

As Chinese Christians flock home for the New Year, Pastor Cheng Fengsheng encourages them to bring the most important gift of all.

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As the Migration Pendulum Swings

Challenges Faced by Rural and Urban Churches

The temporary shift of church members from urban to rural and back to urban again during the Chinese New Year causes a Chinese Christian to reflect on the long-term challanges of China's urban migration. 

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Serving Those Away from Home

A church in Zhangzhou shares a meal with those unable to be with their families on Chinese New Year's Eve.

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The Importance of the Gospel during Chinese New Year

This week sees the arrival of Chinese New Year, the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. Most of China will shut down for the week as people return to their ancestral homes to celebrate with family. For Chinese Christians, the holiday can often bring them mixed emotions: happiness and distress. Christians are excited to celebrate with family and friends. But, they also experience instances when their Christian faith rubs up against cultural expectations. In a society where Christianity often runs counter-cultural, Chinese New Year is a particularly concentrated moment of trials. In this translated article from Christian Times, the author reminds Christians of what is most important when they return home for the New Year.

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Sharing the Gospel with Your Family at Spring Festival

The annual Spring Festival migration has begun in China, with the transport ministry predicting that nearly 3 billion trips will be taken during the 40-day holiday period. Some have called it the world’s largest human migration, as millions of people head home to spend Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) with their families.

Chinese Church Voices

What to Say During Spring Festival

In this article, published in January 2012 on the Mainland website Gospel Times, the author considers ways that believers can share with their family members during the traditional Chinese New Year Festival.