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A Tool for Those Who Care for Chinese Missionaries

A handbook that introduces a holistic approach to caring for Chinese missionaries.

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The Christian World They Made Together: 1850–1911

History of Chinese Christianity in North America (1)

The author explains the growth of the Chinese diaspora and Chinese immigration to the United States and Canada as well as the events that gave birth to North American Chinese Christianity.

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A Place to Grow in Faith:

The Challenge of Developing Sustainable Faith Formation Programs in China

Often missing in China is a regular opportunity for Chinese Catholics to grow in the knowledge of their faith in a structured setting. In recent years, however, there has been a gradual rise of home-grown initiatives and program models adopted from overseas that are starting to change this situation. Nevertheless, challenges remain and the author looks at a number of reasons (beyond the more obvious political challenges) why the deepening of faith has been difficult.

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Sacred Space 神圣的空间

Your daily prayer online 你的每日圣言在线
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Inspired by the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Sacred Spaces offers daily meditations on Holy Scripture and personal reflections aimed at helping us get in touch with God and experience his presence in our lives. 

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When the Well Runs Dry:

Prayer beyond the Beginnings
A Book Review

After many years of devoted prayer and Christian living, we sometimes find it difficult to feel God’s presence. In our pursuit of a deeper prayer life, we often come up dry and wanting. Fr. Green provides an important understanding of prayer for many Christians who start to wonder why their prayers have begun to feel empty. Using the examples of some of the great mystics of the Christian tradition, he imparts to us some of their wisdom so we can better understand the journey of the interior life and the true call to faith in prayer that the Lord gives us.

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The following resources were recommended by WWL participants as helpful in coaching, mentoring and spiritual formation.