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Developments in Registered Church Ministry

Some observations of the impact of the religious regulations and Siniciation on Three-Self churches.

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Persecution and Sinicization in China

A Reading Round-up

Knowing what's happening and understanding the context. 

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7 Reasons Why Sinicization Is Not Rhetoric This Time

Isn't this just propaganda, empty threats, or show. Haven’t we seen similar programs rolled out in the past?

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“Sinicization” of Christianity—Understanding the Contexts

A look at the political, rhetorical, historical, and theological contexts of sinicization. 

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Sinicization: China Only for the Chinese

Sinicization attempts to close the Chinese mind to all that is not CCP-approved and to once again shut the window on the world.

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China and the Church: 5 Trends to Watch in 2018

How the church weathers the uncertain days ahead will depend on a number of factors. Here are five areas to watch.