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Paratroopers and Motorboats

A sermon

A pastor exhorts his people to imitate Christ and to "be confident in the Lord, more bold to speak the word, without fear."

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Being Salt and Light to Influence Society

Many Christians in China today are seeking to be salt and light in their communities and in society. But what does that look like? In the translated article below, originally posted on the mainland site Christian Times, the author summarizes a talk given by a pastor in Henan Province on the topic of being salt and light.

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To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice

A Sermon

Here at Chinese Church Voices, we often highlight articles written by Christians and posted on various websites, blogs, and/or micro-blogs. This week, however, we have translated a sermon by Pastor Chen, of the Fangshan Church in Beijing. It was delivered on February 8, 2015, and posted to the church website shortly after that. In it, Pastor Chen uses 1 Samuel 15 to remind the congregation of the importance of obedience.