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Golden Goose: The Story of a Peasant Family in Western China

A Book Review and Interview

A three-generational story of a rural Sichuanese family.

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Christmas Cards Made in Shanxi

But Made with a Purpose

If you haven't bought Christmas cards yet this year, consider sending hand-cut cards from Yangqu County, China.

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Seeing Trees for the First Time

My good friend and former student's father drove. The dirt road, only forged in the last year or so, made the ride tremendously bumpy and kept travel slow. The road wound through scores of vast, grassy valleys, each curve bringing my wife, me, and our friend to an area that looked so similar to the last we wondered if we were driving in circles.

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Beyond Beijing

Life in the Chinese Countryside

Since China's great gǎigé kāifàng (Reform and Opening) experiment was begun by reformists in the Communist Party of China (CPC) under Deng Xiaoping in late 1978, tens of thousands of articles—in print and online—have been written about the huge changes and nearly miraculous standard-of-living improvements that have happened throughout China.