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When the Police Come Knocking

A Guide for Churches

Guidelines for pastors and church staff on how the church should respond to government intervention, including what to do when the police come knocking at your door.

Chinese Church Voices

Being the Chinese Church in the Face of Growing Political Uncertainty

Chinese Christians are asking how they should respond to the new religious regulations. Here is one pastor's response.

Chinese Church Voices

New Religious Regulations: Another View

Why the new regulations are necessary and why they contribute to the development of China.

Chinese Church Voices

Solving the House Church Problem (Part I)

In March, the WeChat Public account called 《宗教法治》(Religious Law) published a proposal by Professor Liu Peng, head of the Pushi Institute for Social Sciences on steps the government can take to solve the problem of house churches in China.  We have translated the post and are presenting it in two parts. In this first part Professor Liu spells out why solving the problem is important and what he considers the foundation of a solution.

Chinese Church Voices

Now, about Those “Cross Size” Regulations

Following more than a year of cross and church demolitions in Zhejiang Province, in May the provincial government published a draft set of regulations governing the construction and location of religious venues, as well as the placement of Christian crosses. The draft regulations were posted on the websites of two government agencies, with a request for comments from the public. One pastor in the province shared his comments with the Gospel Times, who in turn posted it on their site. It’s an interesting look at how these regulations are viewed by a Christian leader, as well a fascinating window into how the religious sphere “talks to” the state in China, employing language the state understands.