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View From the Wall

Opportunities and Challenges When Foreign Workers Leave China

A Chinese author reflects on the positives and negatives that leaders, seminaries, and churches face when cross-cultural workers leave the country.


The Impact of Family Issues on Chinese Missionaries

Thinking Through an Approach to Spouse- and Children-Needs of Chinese Missionaries

The Chinese church passionately desires participation in missionary sending to unreached peoples. Field research findings with Chinese missionaries and with prospective Chinese medical missionaries highlight issues related to the needs of the Chinese missionary’s nuclear family. Although mission-sending organizations can help, much of the impetus for resolving difficulties faced by the Chinese missionary’s spouse and children must come from the Chinese missionaries themselves.

Resource Corner

Sharing Christian Marriage and Family Testimonies Online

Two online resources highlighting Christian testimonies about marriage and family issues.


Reflections on the Chinese Family

From the guest editors' point of view

Lead Article

The Preeminence of Love in Chinese Families

The author begins by explaining “love” as historically defined by Mohism and Confucianism, that is, universal love versus love based on blood kinship. He delves into the differences between these two kinds of love, especially as they relate to family structure and authority as well as to extended family relationships. He then turns to Christian love, its relationship to these two ideologies and how it can influence the culture.

Supporting Article

The Decay of the Chinese Family

The stresses and conflicts found within Chinese families are increasing with urbanization that often forces families to live apart. After discussing some of the major pressures that families face in today’s China, the author delineates some of the principles needed for building a good family foundation.