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A House Church Pastor Responds to “China’s Registered Church”

I am glad there are people telling the other side of the story of the TSPM church in China; it’s not only fair to do so but also beneficial for the kingdom of God.

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A Reader Responds to “China’s Registered Churches”

The reality is, there are good and not so good house churches, and there are good and not so good TSPM churches. The important question is the substance of the teaching and ministry of the church rather than how each church navigates the realities of the Chinese government.

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A Look at China’s Registered Church

From the 2020 Autumn Issue of CSQ

The autumn issue of ChinaSource Quarterly , comes out next week and here’s a glimpse of what’s in store.

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Some Unanswered Questions

From the recent webinar, “Our China Stories: Unpacking Contemporary Narratives about the Church in China.”

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Churches, Posters, and State Propaganda

Compliance and Appropriation

A look at how churches are responding.

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Anshun City Protestant Church

Brief visits with a priest and a pastor in Anshun, Guizhou.