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Reaching the Next Generation of the Chinese Diaspora

A New Resource for Youth Ministry

To reach Chinese youth around the globe with the gospel, the Youth Awakening Movement (青少年唤醒) has launched the world's first Chinese language youth ministry website.

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CMC Global 2020—On Demand

If you want to be encouraged by what God is doing in the world, I encourage you (and your church or small group) to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Online Meeting Platforms

As the world ground to a halt this year due to the COVID pandemic, have you wondered what it would have been like to get through this without the internet?

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Preparing to Teach English in China?

Training and tools to help you get ready.

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Bibles in China: The Gray Zone Shrinks

Bibles are now no longer for sale online in China, and that is, indeed, bad news. But we need to be clear what hasn’t happened and what has happened. 

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9 Language-Learning Resources Online

Today there are almost unlimited resources for learning Chinese, and many of them are available online for free. Herewith is my list of nine recommended online resources.