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Chinese Church Voices

A Praise Song

"Listen Quietly"

One of the more popular praise and worship songs in the Chinese church is “Qing Qing Ting,” or “Listen Quietly.” Based on Psalm 23, the song reminds us to listen quietly to the voice of our Good Shepherd.

Chinese Church Voices

Reflections on Worship

The piece translated below is from a post on the Weixin (WeChat) page of the Beijing Gospel Church, one of the citys more prominent house churches. The writer is sharing his thoughts on the nature of worship in the church.

Chinese Church Voices

A Book on Drums and Worship

As the church in China continues to grow and mature, one of the issues that is coming to the fore is that of music. Until recently, much of the music played and sung in Chinese churches has been on the traditional side translated western hymns or indigenous folk-style music (popular in rural churches). Only in the past few years have we seen the emergence of what might be described as Christian Contemporary Music, popular, as one might expect, among the younger generation, particularly in the cities.

Chinese Church Voices

A Conversation About Music in the Church

A conversation with a worship leader in a Beijing house church regarding the issue of music in the church.