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New Directions in the New Era

From the desk of the guest editor.

Lead Article

New Era and New Roles

Changes and Issues for Chinese Ministries in a New Context

Changes in China over the past ten years are dictating changes for the church in China. Kim reviews the main areas of change and the ways these have affected the churches. Then he looks at new roles for both workers from overseas and China’s churches.


Packing a Punch!

From the desk of the guest editor.

Book Reviews

Exploring New Zealand’s Rich Christian Heritage

Bible & Treaty: Missionaries among the Māori—A New Perspective: A Book Review

Bible & Treaty tells the story of how the gospel first came to the Māori and details the rich Christian heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand. In addition, it is a story that resonates with the story of mission in China and elsewhere.

ChinaSource Perspective

A Glimpse of What God Is Doing Down Under

There is a renewed sense that God is calling the Chinese church in New Zealand to be part of the global advancement of the gospel.

Supporting Article

Short-Term Missions in Africa with Chinese Diaspora Mission

Today's Challenges

Two short-term team members tell us their purpose, give us a model, and recount their experiences in Kenya. They hope to mobilize Chinese churches in North America and mainland China to send short-term and long-term missionaries to Africa as well as raise up diaspora Chinese missionaries from Africa.


Resistance to Chinese Missionary Sending and Strategies to Defuse Resistance

Facilitating Sustainable Chinese Missionary Sending in the Present Context

The Chinese church passionately desires participation in missionary sending. In this article, several of the key sources of resistance to Chinese missionary sending are surveyed and strategies to defuse this resistance are considered.

Peoples of China

Women in China’s Protestant Church and Missions

In both church and mission in China, women make up the majority of workers; however, their contributions and circumstances can sometimes be overlooked. The author looks at how God has used women of bygone days to build his church in China. She discusses three examples of women as well as a trio of women who provided leadership and greatly impacted the development of China’s Protestant faith. She also provides a bibliography for those interested in further study of this topic.


The International Church Role in Chinese Missionary Sending, Part 2

Strategies for Financial Partnership between Chinese and International Mission Senders

The Chinese church passionately desires participation in missionary sending. The international church seeks to partner with Chinese missionary senders. Finances are one key, but controversial, area of possible collaboration. Funds can become a stumbling block to mission efforts. Discriminating, time-limited use of money to support Chinese missionary sending in the framework of sound principles of financial giving decrease risks of dependency.


Financial Considerations in Chinese Missionary Sending

Sources of Support and Difficulties in Raising Finances

The Chinese church passionately desires participation in missionary sending. A study performed with long-term Chinese missionaries reveals four main current sources of support for Chinese mission activity. Common methods of missionary fund-raising are examined and frequently encountered fund-raising difficulties are reviewed.  The Chinese church has difficulty financially supporting mission service and at the current time alternative strategies for Chinese missionary funding are still needed.