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China’s Churches Reaching China’s Ethnic Minorities, Part 2

Stories of Chinese Christians reaching minority groups in China.

Chinese Church Voices

China’s Churches Reaching China’s Ethnic Minorities

How involved is the church in China in cross-cultural missions? A Chinese Christian who has been involved long term in motivating, training, sending, and serving ethnic minorities in China shares about current missions efforts among Chinese churches. 

Chinese Church Voices

Lahu Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner for Americans, but for one minority tribe in China—the Christians of the Lahu people in Yunnan province—Thanksgiving came when with the harvest of their first fall crops. 

Chinese Church Voices

Cross-Cultural Ministry in the Chinese Church

In recent years, some churches in China have begun to think about and become more involved in cross-cultural ministry among China’s ethnic minorities. In August the Mainland site Gospel Times published an article about efforts by some churches in eastern and northeastern China to establish churches in minority areas. 

Chinese Church Voices

A Church for Hani and Yi People in Yunnan

While much is written about the explosive growth of the church among the Han (dominant ethnic group in China), less is written about the spread of Christianity among the minority peoples. The article translated below is about a county in Yunnan Province that is praying and raising money to build a church.

Chinese Church Voices

The Power of the Gospel — a Miao Village that is 80% Christian

This article, translated from the Mainland based website Christian Times, is a testimony to the power of the Gospel among the Miao people of Yunnan Province.