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The Global Chinese Diaspora Today

Overview and Mission Trends

Our Lord is the lord of history, and everything happens according to his plan. The recent political developments in and related to China have impacted the movement and dynamics of the global Chinese diaspora. They have closed some doors for mission while opening others.

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America for Americans

A Book Review

In her book, Lee examines the ways xenophobia manifests itself, and how it has been directed at specific groups of immigrants throughout American history. From the pre-Revolutionary War period to the Muslim Ban of 2017, this book points out that the fear of foreigners manifests contemporary social, political, and economic anxieties.

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Chinese Christians of Chicagoland

The Experience of One American City—Chicago

The author was asked to take on a research project studying the Chinese Christians of Chicagoland with the purpose of discerning ministry trends of this diasporic faith community, assessing issues facing Chinese churches, and exploring ministry opportunities.


Urban Migrants

Building the Infrastructure

The editor's point of view ...

Peoples of China

Hearing the Different Voices in Urban China

A personal look at two migrants in Beijing illustrates the character and strength of many ordinary people who live in difficult situations in a changing China.

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Educational Inequality for Migrant Children Perpetuates Poverty

Even after thirty years of economic reform, the majority of rural migrants in China's cities are still kept out of the formal labor market and professional tracks. Most of them pick up jobs in the informal sector. Such social inequality is likely to be perpetuated given the fact that their second generation is not provided with quality education. In China, education, often considered a way of changing one's life trajectory, now only reproduces social status and reinforces class boundaries.

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The Moving Population of China

China's migrant population presents both challenges and uncertainties.

View From the Wall

Everyone Is Not Local

Migrant workers make important contributions to China's cities but also pose tremendous challenges. A resident of Beijing explores how migrants fit in the capital and how Beijingers view them.

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China’s Marginalized Internal Migrants

The world of China's "floating population" is vastly different from the world of its city dwellers.

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Migrant Cities in Guangdong Province

A look at China's migrant cities.