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As the Migration Pendulum Swings

Challenges Faced by Rural and Urban Churches

The temporary shift of church members from urban to rural and back to urban again during the Chinese New Year causes a Chinese Christian to reflect on the long-term challanges of China's urban migration. 

Chinese Church Voices

A Sojourner’s Story

I remember an auntie from Henan Province. She lived in the single-story district and prayed with us every day. She always prayed for Beijing and blessed Beijing. . . . She left for her hometown after a round of demolitions, or perhaps a forced migration.

Chinese Church Voices

A Conversation with a Rural Preacher (Part 2)

About the Need for Innovative Training

Last week we posted the first part of an interview with a rural pastor that was published on the mainland site Christian Times. The topic of the conversation was models for training in rural churches. This week we post the rest of the interview.

Chinese Church Voices

Migrant Worker, How Are You?

A "letter" to migrant workers in China.

Chinese Church Voices

Being Salt and Light in the World

As the environment changes and restrictions loosen, many Chinese Christians are turning their attention to the issue of how to be salt and light in their communities. This article, published on the popular Christian site Kuanye Zhi Sheng ("Voice in the Wilderness") is about a local ministry in southern China that is reaching out to care for some of China's "left-behind children," children who are left behind in villages and small towns when their parents go to the cities to work.