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Member Care Is Part of the Mission

From the desks of the guest editors.

Lead Article

Member Care for Mainland Chinese Missionaries

Breaking New Ground in a Developing Field

Generational, cultural, and personal issues create challenges and advantages for Chinese cross-cultural missionaries and point to the need for member care. How can this need be met?

ChinaSource Perspective

Member Care for Workers from China—a Growing Understanding

Let’s continue to learn from our Chinese brothers and sisters and join with them to support their efforts in bringing the gospel to those who have yet to hear.

Resource Corner

A Tool for Those Who Care for Chinese Missionaries

A handbook that introduces a holistic approach to caring for Chinese missionaries.

View From the Wall

Warm-hearted; Cool-headed

The author describes, from his observations and experiences, several often overlooked areas in China's early involvement in international missions. These include visa issues, language learning and missionary supervision and care. Prototypes for ministry are also suggested. The writer hopes that the self-reflection and sharing with fellow workers will result in intercessory prayer from members of Christ's Body and in their enlightenment.