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“Forced Marriage” and Spring Festival

A Christian Film Maker Explores the Pressure on Young People

An interview with Christian film maker Geng Haiying about his recently released documentary highlighting the problem of “forced marriages” in Chinese society today.

Chinese Church Voices

Encouragement for Those Contemplating Post-Virus Divorce

China has seen an increase in divorces following the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article the author describes why some of these marriage problems occur, and gives marriage counsel for couples.

Chinese Church Voices

Pastoral Advice for Life’s Dilemmas

After dating my boyfriend for a little while, I’ve slowly realized he isn’t my kind of person. But, because we are both members of Christ’s body, I find it too awkward to initiate a breakup.  . .  .What should I do?

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A Celebrity Divorce Prompts Thoughts on Marriage

The impending divorce of Korean film stars, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, causes a Chinese believer to reflect on marriage and love.

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How to Pray for and about Marriage

Pastor Chen Fengsheng shares how Christians can pray about marriage both before they are married and after. 

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30 and Independent

Young Chinese Christians Dealing with Age-Related Expectations

Five Chinese Christians tell what "At thirty, I stood independent" looks like to them.

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Leaving Parents

In a culture that values filial piety, how do Christian couples live out the Biblical teaching that “a man shall leave his father and his mother.” Does it simply refer to geographical leaving, or does it also encompass emotional and psychological leaving? It is a common and difficult question that many Christians face. In the following translated article, originally published on the public WeChat account of Green Olive Books, the authors put forth their understanding of what this means in a Chinese context, arguing that “leaving” is a prerequisite to a happy marriage.

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I Will Go with You

The following is a translation of an excerpt from a wedding sermon preached by Pastor Wang Yi of Early Rain Reformed Church in Chengdu. In it, he exhorts the couple to remember that they are not entering into this marriage alone, that God is going before them and with them.

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Waiting Is Better Than Trying to Jump over a Wall

Depending on the statistics you find, roughly 70% of the church in China is female. This leaves an obvious problem: In a nation where such a small percentage of males are Christian, where does this leave the young, unmarried Chinese woman? Aside from the obvious question of whether or not to marry an unbeliever, there are questions much more subtle and often overlooked regarding how one should see this issue in light of their walk with God. In this revealing article, published in the online magazine Territory, one millennial shares how a broken relationship led to a revelation of something much deeper that was amiss in her own life, and how things began to change once her eyes were opened.

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A Life that Belongs in Heaven

One issue for younger Christians in China is where to turn for good teaching on issues related to relationships and marriage. Because there are fewer Christians in the generation that preceded them, there are few role models. Therefore, the need for resources and training for the Chinese church in this area is great.

One man who is speaking to this need is Yuan Datong (Andrew Yuan), a Christian marriage counselor who conducts marriage workshops in churches all over the country. He has also authored a number of books on the subject, including Marriage: A Covenant for Life.