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Cultivating Chinese Missionaries Faithfully and Realistically

There is a Chinese saying 《十年树木,百年树人》 which means, “It takes ten years to grow a tree but a hundred to cultivate a person.”

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Stopping the Spread

Those partnering with China’s emerging missions movement would do well to consider what they may be passing on without even realizing it. Careful filtering of concepts and methods—but more importantly, values and unspoken assumptions—could help guard China’s future mission leaders from replicating painful mistakes.

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Missions from China Today

A Reader Responds to the 2020 Summer Issue of CSQ

I encourage you to read every word of “Doing Missions with Chinese Characteristics,” pray, and ponder both what God wants to teach you, as well as how you might apply it to your service to the world.

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3 Questions: Indigenous Missions Movement

What are some of the significant breakthroughs in the development of the Indigenous Missions Movement from China.

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Gospel Impact in East Africa

A Reader Responds

It is time for African Christians to take the next step in cross-cultural disciple-making and engage the Chinese in their midst. Fred and Faith and their colleagues have shown the way. May many others join them as well as develop new creative ventures for the sake of the gospel.

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Who Will Be China’s Issachar Tribe?

 . . . those who have understanding of the times and know what should be done to reach the unreached.

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Big Name Leaders and Nameless Heroes

Two urgent needs of the indigenous missions movement from China.

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Is “Back to Jerusalem” Biblical?

The Gospel will be taken to nations by obedient servants who hear God’s voice and devote themselves wholeheartedly to mission. This issue cannot be solved by money or power. In order for Chinese Churches to become missional churches they need sound ministry, systematic training, and an effective mission strategy. Ezra Jin

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China’s Mission Movement: A Call to Incarnation

Today the forces of urbanization have brought Han Chinese believers face-to-face with a diverse range of cultures, from international students and business people to members of the hundreds of ethnic groups resident within China’s borders.