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The Evolution of Christian Education in China

Our family lived in a tier one city in China for over five years, and during that time I homeschooled our children of various ages. While there I had the opportunity to mentor some Chinese homeschooling mothers, both one-on-one and in workshop settings. I also enjoyed teaching a session to Chinese Christian teacher-trainees on how to develop picture books into unit studies, and my older daughters and I had some experience teaching English at a bilingual Christian pre-school.

Blog Entries

On the Horns of an Educational Dilemma

American Christian parents face tough decisions about to how to best provide for their children’s education. But the toughest part is often deciding between a comparatively rich supply of good and legal options – local Christian schools, homeschooling (with a nearly overwhelming array of good curriculum and  models), co-ops, hybrid homeschool/co-op, on-line Christian school, sometimes a good public school influenced by Christian teachers and administrators. All these choices offer their children a quality education and a clear path into college and the workplace.

Consider the two basic choices facing Chinese Christian parents.