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Chinese Church Voices

The Violin Church

While officials in Zhejiang province are busy demolishing church buildings they deem to have been illegally built and removing crosses from the tops of churches, in Guangdong province a congregation has built itself a new church building in the shape of a violin! 

Chinese Church Voices

An Urban Migrant Pastor Discusses His Church’s Vision

In this post, translated from the Christian Times, we hear from a pastor who leads a church of migrant factory workers in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

Chinese Church Voices

Christianity in Guangdong – an Interview

This is the third section of an article on the Fuyinmen (Gospel Door) website titled "Christianity Brings Western Medicine to Guangdong Province." The first two sections can be found in the previous two posts. In this third section, the reporter conducts an interview with Protestant church officials from Guangdong Province concerning the historical development of the Church in the province.