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Chinese Church Voices

Bread of Life Bakery

Four young Christian women with physical disabilities share how they run the Bread of Life Bakery.

Chinese Church Voices

Showing the Truths of the Gospel, Graphically

Chinese artist Beibei Nie has brought to life the lies that many in Chinese society hear about themselves, about life, and about the Christian faith

Chinese Church Voices

The Importance of First-Hand Faith

A pastor talks about the importance of each believer standing in a father-child relationship with God through personal experience and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

Chinese Church Voices

Responding to Despair, Part 2

"Blue Whale" or Christian Faith?

Last week we posted the first part of an article from Territory about the entrance of the “death game” Blue Whale into China and its effect on teens in China. Part one detailed the workings of the game. The second part describes a Chinese Christian’s response to the game and the gospel’s message of hope for teens in China. This is part two.

Chinese Church Voices

Poverty and Spiritual Backwardness

In addition to church leaders and ordinary Christians using online forums to discuss matters of faith, academics are joining the conversation as well. On his blog, Professor Liu Peng recently wrote about the relationship between poverty and “spiritual backwardness,” which refers to a spiritual void, or lack of spiritual beliefs. Writing from the perspective of sociology, Professor Peng argues that the most serious type of poverty in China is the “poverty of faith,” and unless that is addressed the problem of material poverty cannot be solved.

Chinese Church Voices

What Does it Mean to Believe in Jesus?

In this post on the popular Christian site Voice in the Wilderness (kuanye), the writer addresses a fundamental theological question: What does it mean to believe in Jesus?