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Lead Article

Professionalism and Witness in TESOL

Professionalism is a dimension of integrity and necessary for expatriate English teachers. Witness is an integral aspect of education. Neither should be neglected.

Supporting Article

A Chinese Perspective on Expatriate Teachers

Interview and Commentary

Professor Wang provides her views about expatriate, Christian teachers in China followed by the guest editor’s commentary on the key issues she addresses.

Book Reviews

Teaching with Christian Values

After reviewing each of the three parts of this book, Ms. Jones suggests that while it would be beneficial for anyone, this book will be especially useful for people heading to a foreign country to teach and for those preparing them for this.

Resource Corner

Resources about Teaching in China

The resources listed deal with the theology and practice of teaching in the context of Christian mission with authors representing a variety of viewpoints.

ChinaSource Perspective

More Blessed to Receive

Expatriate teachers went to China to give. But often they ended up taking more of China with them than they had bargained for. The editor of ChinaSource Quarterly gives several suggestions for how to be a good reciever.


Opportunities and Challenges

The guest editor's point of view.

Supporting Article

Teaching in China—the Early Years

Ms. Anderson, who began teaching in China in the early 1980s, reflects on how different—and often difficult—it was for English teachers during those early years.

Supporting Article

English and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The modern Olympic Games have never been awarded to a host country whose citizens did not have English as a common language. The promise to be the host city presented enormous language challenges to Beijing. Many of Beijing’s 13 million people will be working with the athletes and spectators. Nearly every walk of life will need bilingual English skills by 2008.