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A Young Man’s Testimony

My Enemy, My Father

The story of young man, homeless in Beijing, and how God changed his life through the ministry of a church.

Chinese Church Voices

Encouragement for Those Contemplating Post-Virus Divorce

China has seen an increase in divorces following the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article the author describes why some of these marriage problems occur, and gives marriage counsel for couples.

Chinese Church Voices

A Celebrity Divorce Prompts Thoughts on Marriage

The impending divorce of Korean film stars, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, causes a Chinese believer to reflect on marriage and love.

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A Christian Lawyer Discusses China’s New Domestic Violence Law

An Interview

In March China introduced its first-ever comprehensive domestic violence law. While celebrated as an important step toward the protection of women and children (and, occasionally men experiencing abuse) the law also raises a number of questions within the Christian community. Here lawyer and Christ-follower Cheng Pangzhi wrestles through these issues, ultimately offering hope for reconciliation of families and a call to make use of the new law in order to protect victims of violence.

Chinese Church Voices

A Discussion of the Divorce Rate

On July 8, Global Times, an English language newspaper in China published an editorial in response to statistics recently released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the divorce rate in China. It was only one of numerous editorials and comment pieces examining divorce in China. The Christian Times took a look at some of the commentary, and offered their own opinion. It's an interesting look at a difficult problem that we don't often hear about, as well as a reminder to pray for God to strengthen marriages in China. 

Chinese Church Voices

Why Marriage Retreats are Important

A Beijing pastor reflects on the benefits of marriage retreats for Christian couples.