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Chinese vs American Family

Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

I didn’t understand that by disagreeing with my parents and older people that I was not showing them respect and returning the care they had given me.

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Cultural Identity—East vs West

Or Why They Cause Me Stress

In Asia I experienced a lot of cultural stress but didn’t know why. Not only was I trying to adjust to a different culture, but I was also dealing with unconscious American and Japanese cultural values.

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“What If” Is Here: Global Trellis

You need a place for your soul to be breath, your head to be engaged, and your heart to stay tender. You need Global Trellis.

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The Meaning of Gifts

A gift has meaning within a specific context. Focusing on the context of gift-exchange can shed more light on patronage and reciprocity than merely speaking of the word “gift.” 

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Learning to Be an Acceptable Outsider

If I can’t become an insider, can I at least become an acceptable outsider?

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Things I Wish I’d Known

Part 2 of our series, "Going to China."