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Thoughts on Culture and Contextualization

The church does not exist in a vacuum. It responds to various cultural factors which raises many questions about the contextualization of the gospel. This article analyzes some key features of the cultural context of Chinese house churches.

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Women Contextualizing the Gospel in Cross-cultural Settings

Taking the gospel message into another culture requires culturally integrating it, without misrepresentation, into that specific culture. Bentley looks at six different aspects involved in contextualizing the gospel.

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Advance and Retreat

Opportunities and Challenges of Han Mission Work among Ethnic Minorities
An “On the Ground” Perspective

A worker among ethnic minorities, Ella provides a brief summary of some advantages, challenges, and theological considerations she has experienced.

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A Pastoral Perspective on Contextualization

An Interview with Pastor "Peter"
An “On the Ground” Perspective

The guest editor interviews a pastor from eastern China on the topic of contextualization.

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Communicating the Gospel with Power among China’s Animistic Peoples

Cultural Contextualization in China

Roland defines animism, recognizes the anxieties of animistic peoples, and considers three areas of importance when applying the gospel to them.

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Union with Christ and Contextualization in China

Theological Contextualization in China

Dr. Sun proposes that the theological concept of “union with Christ” has elements that intersect with Chinese culture and can aid in presenting the gospel.


Contextualization—a Broader Perspective

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Resources for Further Reading on Contextualization

Further Reflections

Suggestions for further reading about contextualization and the Chinese church.

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Invisible Planets

Further Reflections

Contextualization and worldview are partners. Chinese science fiction allows us to see Chinese worldviews that are often not easily observed in everyday life.