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Walking with Leaders

ChinaSource Conversations

Walking with Leaders: Coaching in China, Navigating Culture

The first in a series of podcasts.

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Coaching, Mentoring and Spiritual Formation

Learning and insights from a recent consultation for mentors and coaches are reported in this article. It delves into many aspects of mentoring, coaching, and spiritual formation including the value of both older mentors and peer mentors. It also provides helpful suggestions for finding a mentor and a mentee.

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Into the Deep

Reflections on Discipleship in China

The author shares from her experience as a mentor giving us glimpses of three different women she has shared her life with, and how her interactions with each of them have brought about changes in their lives. She closes with a summary of what being a mentor has required of her.

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Coaching in China

Rose and Hunter look at characteristics of churches and businesses that indicate their need for coaching and go on to explain what coaching entails. Rose describes how she has put coaching into practice in the ministries she is involved with at her church and acknowledges the blessings this has brought to the church body.

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Coaching, Mentoring and Spiritual Formation

The following resources were recommended by WWL participants as helpful in coaching, mentoring and spiritual formation.