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Chinese Church Voices

Two Pastors Discuss the Impact of Media on the Church (1)

The coronavirus has pushed many churches in China to rethink and expand their online ministries. Here Franklin Wang, a pastor in Beijing, shares his thoughts on why Christians must use media in their ministry.

Chinese Church Voices

Concerns of a Three-Self Pastor for 2020

. . . before the Covid-19 Crisis

Before news of COVID-19 broke into their lives, what were Chinese Christians concerned about? What were the top issues going into 2020? Chen Shengfeng, a Three-Self pastor, shares 20 concerns facing the Chinese church.

Chinese Church Voices

On Being a Servant Leader

A reflection on the pastor’s identity as a servant.

Chinese Church Voices

The Pastor’s Identity

Three-self church pastor Chen Shengfeng reflects on the identity of the pastor.

Chinese Church Voices

The Challenge of Relationships in the Church

What they should be and how they can damage the witness of the church.