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ChinaSource Perspective

Tea and Evangelism

ChinaSource Vice President of Partnership and China Engagement, Joann Pittman, recounts her observations of women in ministry over her 20 years spent in China.

Resource Corner

Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity

A significant resource, this website offers the names and life stories of significant figures in Chinese Christianity including those who pioneered and nurtured the churches, led independent Christian movements, and applied biblical values to Chinese social and political challenges across the centuries and around the world.

Peoples of China

House Church Attitudes towards Government Authorities

ChinaSource recently asked six leaders of house churches, in various parts of the country, about the current environment that affects their practice of religion in their location. Their responses, detailing the environment as well as their attitudes towards the local authorities and the issue of registration, are expressed in this article.

View From the Wall

Pastoring in a Registered Church

A ChinaSource interview conducted by Kay Danielson

In a recent interview, a pastor of a church, located in a rural district of a northern city in China, speaks about the congregation, its steady growth, its relationship with government officials, the challenges it faces and his responsibilities.

Peoples of China

Engaging a New Generation

The emerging generation of younger leaders in China will require friends, partners and collaborators who will come alongside them with a servant mentality and without agendas.

Book Reviews

Partnership Field Guide

Partnership Field Guide: A Step-by-step Process for Building Ministry Partnerships, visionSynergy, 60 pages. This document was prepared by visionSynergy for the participants of The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization held in Cape Town, South Africa, October 2010 and can be found at: http://goo.gl/KkS6n

Reviewed by Mak Hon Chiu

Supporting Article

The Future of Christianity in China

A Panel Discussion

The following is a panel discussion that explores the future of Christianity in China. It deals with both the problems and the opportunities facing the Chinese house church today. The panelists included Ezra Jin of Zion Church, Beijing; Man De, a scholar with China Ministries International; Daniel Li of Blessings Foundation and Franklin Wang, a seminary student from Beijing.

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Church Structure in China

Proposed Questions for Exploration

When interacting with church leaders in China, questions about the church inevitably emerge. At some point, issues concerning church structure will be brought up. How they respond will deeply affect the long term growth of the church. It is both exciting and agonizing to observe.

Peoples of China

Cultural Continuity and Discontinuity in Chinese Church Leadership

The shaping of Christian leaders in modern China.

Supporting Article

The Three-fold Call of the Leader as Steward

Christians need to be good stewards of their identity and their time. They also need to value "being" over "doing."