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Denomination Names in Chinese

What, you might be wondering, are the Chinese names for some of the various denominations and sects in China?

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Looking at the Questions beneath the Surface

Swirling beneath the surface discussion of denominations—how they are defined, their relationship to the indigenous Chinese church, and whether or not they are needed—are some core questions regarding the fundamental nature of Christian community.

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The Challenge of Contextualization

Another Perspective

In an atmosphere of increased social tightening, some younger Christians are asking whether some current expressions of the church might actually stand in the way of an effectively contextualized message that resonates with today’s urban Chinese.

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Denominationalism in China: Pre or Post?

While many would applaud the church’s “post-denominational” character as evidence of the unity of the church in China, others today are asking whether a return to denominations is not only inevitable but should, in fact, be welcomed.

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In Search of Structure

The Pull of Denominations in China

Chinese Church Voices is running a series of articles taken from a lengthy interview with a Reformed unregistered church pastor in China. The fact that the Christian website in China where the interview originated gave the topic such in-depth attention, and the fact that this particular pastor (and many others like him) are such strong advocates of Reformed theology, raise the question of why denominations have become so attractive to Christians in China.