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Responding as a Christian to Beggars

How should Christians respond to those who play loud hymns and beg in front of the church on Sunday? What should the believer’s attitude be towards them? Can a Christian refuse to give money? What does the Bible say? A believer in China discusses this difficult issue.

Chinese Church Voices

Faith through 9778 Days of Imprisonment

Tortured by dogs and forced into confessing a crime he didn’t commit, Zhang Yuhuan spent more than 26 years in prison. He wrote more than 600 appeal letters and was finally released. What sustained him during that time?

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Living a “Down to Earth” Faith

A common concern for Christians in China is how to live out their faith outside of the church. Pastor Chen Shengfeng advises Christians how to carry themselves winsomely around their non-Christian family and friends.

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Christians in China Praying for the World

A prayer from Chinese Christians for people worldwide who are suffering under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chinese Church Voices

A Changed Life

The moving story of one mother’s journey from witchcraft to Christ. 

Chinese Church Voices

Responding to Despair, Part 1

"Blue Whale" or Christian Faith?

Chinese news sources report that teens in China have fallen victim to a social media “death game” that has its origins in Russia. This game preys on teens who suffer from depression and encourages them to commit suicide. Through threats and blackmail, teens are progressively drawn closer to danger.

The Christian journal Territory recently detailed the dark workings of the death game. The author of the article, A Qian, writes of his own experience with depression and how his faith played an instrumental role in understanding his depression. A Qian describes from a Chinese Christian perspective how the Christian faith provides good news and counters the dark hopelessness of the death game, particularly for Chinese teens.

Chinese Church Voices

A Chinese Missionary to Nepal (Part 1)

What is it like for Chinese Christians to engage in cross-cultural missions outside of China? An increasing number of Chinese Christians have the opportunity to serve short-term abroad. Their experiences abroad offer valuable lessons for future indigenous mission efforts by the Chinese church. In this interview, translated from Territory, the author testifies to God's hand in the "twists and turns" of his life. His testimony gives a look into the heart and mind of a Chinese Christian and the spiritual renewal and transformation he undergoes while living, serving, and sharing the gospel abroad. This is part one.

Chinese Church Voices

Responding to the Smog (Part 2)

Earlier this month we posted the first part of an article of reflections on pollution in China that was published in the journal Territory. The focus of the article is how Chinese Christians reflect on the recent waves of heavy pollution in north China. This week we post the rest of the reflections.

Chinese Church Voices

Leaving Parents

In a culture that values filial piety, how do Christian couples live out the Biblical teaching that “a man shall leave his father and his mother.” Does it simply refer to geographical leaving, or does it also encompass emotional and psychological leaving? It is a common and difficult question that many Christians face. In the following translated article, originally published on the public WeChat account of Green Olive Books, the authors put forth their understanding of what this means in a Chinese context, arguing that “leaving” is a prerequisite to a happy marriage.

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Church Schools or Home Schooling? Part 2

In September, the mainland site Christian Times published a piece originally posted on the China Home Schooling Alliance website about Christian education in China. In the article titled “Church Schools or Home Schooling?”, the author lays out what he believes to be the difference between Christian education conducted within a church setting and home schooling. He then sets out to argue that home schooling is the most effective way for Christians to educate their children.

The article provides an interesting glimpse into a conversation online taking place among Christians in China regarding an important issue. Due to the length of the original article, it is posted in two parts. Part 1 was posted on December 9, 2014.