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Homeward Bound: A Christian’s Return to China

Three months ago, I returned to China, and upon returning, I found the situation more urgent and needed than I imagined. From a spiritual perspective, China is like a dried-up pond, and I hope more people will come to serve in China, as it urgently needs your help. I am waiting for your arrival here.

Chinese Church Voices

The Next Decade of the Church in China

Pastor Li…shared his reflections on…Christianity in China…as well as his outlook and predictions for the next decade. He believes that Chinese Christianity is transitioning from a growth period to a bottleneck period …the next long phase will be one of consolidation, with the cultivation and nurturing of excellent church talent being a key priority.

Chinese Church Voices

Your Freedom Is Not My Kind of Freedom

Only by accepting Jesus can we know the truth and accept the truth, and only then can we be free, and live above the law and under grace. If we do not…accept the freedom of Jesus but continue living in the so-called freedom under the law, then we are simply taking joy in our sin.

Chinese Church Voices

Sacrificial Love in Action

My Church's Response to the Zero-Covid Policy Change

“The abrupt change in China's zero-covid policy allowed our congregation to live out God's love. In the face of sickness and scarcity, we supported each other sacrificially,” writes a Chinese believer. In the face of medication shortages and sick children, the church family pulled together to share what they had.

Chinese Church Voices

Responding as a Christian to Beggars

How should Christians respond to those who play loud hymns and beg in front of the church on Sunday? What should the believer’s attitude be towards them? Can a Christian refuse to give money? What does the Bible say? A believer in China discusses this difficult issue.

Chinese Church Voices

Faith through 9778 Days of Imprisonment

Tortured by dogs and forced into confessing a crime he didn’t commit, Zhang Yuhuan spent more than 26 years in prison. He wrote more than 600 appeal letters and was finally released. What sustained him during that time?

Chinese Church Voices

Living a “Down to Earth” Faith

A common concern for Christians in China is how to live out their faith outside of the church. Pastor Chen Shengfeng advises Christians how to carry themselves winsomely around their non-Christian family and friends.

Chinese Church Voices

Christians in China Praying for the World

A prayer from Chinese Christians for people worldwide who are suffering under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chinese Church Voices

A Changed Life

The moving story of one mother’s journey from witchcraft to Christ. 

Chinese Church Voices

Responding to Despair, Part 1

"Blue Whale" or Christian Faith?

Chinese news sources report that teens in China have fallen victim to a social media “death game” that has its origins in Russia. This game preys on teens who suffer from depression and encourages them to commit suicide. Through threats and blackmail, teens are progressively drawn closer to danger.

The Christian journal Territory recently detailed the dark workings of the death game. The author of the article, A Qian, writes of his own experience with depression and how his faith played an instrumental role in understanding his depression. A Qian describes from a Chinese Christian perspective how the Christian faith provides good news and counters the dark hopelessness of the death game, particularly for Chinese teens.