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Seeing the Gospel from Zhuangzi’s Worldview

Could Zhuangzi have something to teach us about the gospel?

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Important Themes in Zhuangzi’s Teachings

How Buddhist teachings resonated with China's cultural identity making way for its spread. 

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Reconsidering Traditional Teachings in Difficult Times

Could the entrance of Buddhism into China offer cultural insights on how to share the message of Christ in China today?

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Responding to Restrictions on Children’s Ministry

The future of Christian education in China will require a shift in emphasis from the church to the home.

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The Challenge of Contextualization

Another Perspective

In an atmosphere of increased social tightening, some younger Christians are asking whether some current expressions of the church might actually stand in the way of an effectively contextualized message that resonates with today’s urban Chinese.

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3 Questions: Dr. Charlie Brainer

Expanding Education Opportunities in China

A ChinaSource 3 Questions interview with Dr. Charlie Brainer of Taylor University.

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The Value of Interdependence

First, let me confess that I am not an expert on China, nor have I lived in China. My exposure consists of supporting New Song’s in-country program director while working remotely from the US. Twice a year for 6-8 weeks at a time I travel to China for direct interface with those Chinese nationals who are trained and equipped to implement self-worth development curriculum. Through these committed community leaders New Song has impacted children and youth across China with what I believe is a culturally relevant and biblically based message of the intrinsic value of every individual. As a Westerner, my knowledge of China is shaped by this sliver of a window into Chinese culture and the church in China. It is more exposure than the average Westerner but not as much as some of you who read this blog.

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Towards a New Model for Christian Education in China

Dissatisfied with the current educational system and wanting their children to be taught from a biblical worldview, Christian parents in China are exploring a variety of alternatives. In the latest episode of ChinaSource Conversations we explore these alternatives in Christian education with three educators who have firsthand experience with schools in China.

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The Importance of Christian Education for Chinese Christian Families

A reader responds to the 2016 summer issue of ChinaSource Quarterly—"A Theology of Family for the Chinese Church."

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On the Horns of an Educational Dilemma

American Christian parents face tough decisions about to how to best provide for their children’s education. But the toughest part is often deciding between a comparatively rich supply of good and legal options – local Christian schools, homeschooling (with a nearly overwhelming array of good curriculum and  models), co-ops, hybrid homeschool/co-op, on-line Christian school, sometimes a good public school influenced by Christian teachers and administrators. All these choices offer their children a quality education and a clear path into college and the workplace.

Consider the two basic choices facing Chinese Christian parents.