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ChinaSource Conversations

3 Questions: Interview with Mike Frith, Founder and Director of OSCAR

ChinaSource is delighted to partner with OSCAR, which stands for One Stop Center for Advice and Resources. The UK-based website offers both in-person and online courses, including the British Culture Orientation course. Joann Pittman recently spoke with Mike Frith to find out about this course and how churches can use it to help diaspora Chinese Christians.

ChinaSource Conversations

3 Questions: Interview with Song Cheng, Asia Editor for Christianity Today

ChinaSource is pleased to partner with Christianity Today (CT) to help inform global Christians about the church in China and tell the stories of God’s faithfulness to his people. Joann Pittman recently connected with Song (Sean) Cheng, Christianity Today’s Asia editor to learn more about how and why CT is covering China and to learn of some of the unique initiatives that he is involved with.

ChinaSource Conversations

3 Questions: Interview with Peter Anderson

Discussing the Chinese Diaspora in New Zealand

To learn more about the Chinese diaspora in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands, Joann Pittman interviewed Peter Anderson, editor of the spring 2022 issue of ChinaSource Quarterly.