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Rest? Is It Permitted?

Some Observations on Rest in the Chinese Cultural Context

What is the Chinese concept of rest? How does it interact with the Chinese values of shame and “face”? The author explores these topics and their interaction with the biblical teaching about rest.

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Union with Christ and Contextualization in China

Theological Contextualization in China

Dr. Sun proposes that the theological concept of “union with Christ” has elements that intersect with Chinese culture and can aid in presenting the gospel.

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Might Christians and Confucians Actually Agree about Human Nature?

Theological Contextualization in China

For centuries, both Christianity and Confucianism have each sought to reconcile two families of ideas within their belief systems. The author suggests that these two ideologies may have a great deal in common.

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Resources for Further Reading on Contextualization

Further Reflections

Suggestions for further reading about contextualization and the Chinese church.

ChinaSource Perspective

Contextualization Mediates History and Meaning

Further Reflections

As Wendel Sun writes in this issue of ChinaSource Quarterly, most Christians serving cross-culturally have a strong desire to faithfully and meaningfully communicate the gospel. To accurately convey the truth of the gospel in terms that are understandable in the target culture, one needs a deep understanding both of Scripture and of the culture in […]

Book Reviews

Eastern Versus Western Learning Approaches

Book Review

Cultural Foundations of Learning: East and West by Jin Li.
Reviewed by Lisa Nagle

There are deep cultural differences between Eastern and Western societies regarding learning and development. The notion of whether creativity is learned or not is just one of these. This book explores some of the differing approaches to learning found in these cultures and concludes with a look at them in the twenty-first century.

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Preparing for Chinese Culture

A Book Review

This practical exposition includes discussions regarding ways of thinking about culture, first encounters between Americans and Chinese as well as verbal and non-verbal communication. Four stages of awareness as one progresses through understanding culture are explored along with an explanation of the importance of context.

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Convergence or Divergence?

Chinese Culture in a Globalized World

Japanese-American scholar Fukuyama introduced the notion of "the end of history," proporting that the world was now one and history should come to an end. Others have claimed that globalization has "leveled the playing field." And yet others view globalization quite differently. The real question is how we should view the changes in China's culture and its influence in light of the globalization of the economy during the last thirty years.

Book Reviews

A New Appreciation for a Genuine Understanding of People and Culture

A Book Review

China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society by Peter Xiaoming Yu and G. Wright Doyle. 

Reviewed by Tricia Bølle

Book Reviews

The China beyond Bicycles and Baozi*

China Vignettes: An Inside Look at China by Dominic Barton with Mei Ye. 

Reviewed by Andrew Kaiser