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3 Questions: Christian Architecture in China

An Interview with Alexander Quan

Visiting churches and other religious architecture in China—via videos.

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Passing the Faith to the Next Generation

Reaching American-Born/Second-Generation Chinese

Key issues for Chinese American Churches.

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Communism’s Questions, Christianity’s Answers

A case could be made that, for many Chinese, Christianity provides credible responses to questions that Communism raises but is ultimately unable to answer.

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Demographics Beyond Numbers

This first set of demographics helps us see who is in the churches we visited and who is responding to the survey.

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How the Church Grows in China

Getting beyond how many Christians there are in China to how is this remarkable growth of the church taking place.

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Weathering the COVID Storm

Insights from a conversation about the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the church in China.

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Salt in the Soup

Three church leaders in China reflect on their experiences of “doing church” in the midst of a health crisis and quarantine.

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From Here to There

The Straight-Line Fallacy

Those who stay in China for any length of time often discover that their most meaningful work is quite different from what they had originally envisioned doing when they first arrived.

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Some Unanswered Questions

From the recent webinar, “Our China Stories: Unpacking Contemporary Narratives about the Church in China.”

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The Evolving Narratives

Looking at the development of the church over the past four decades we can identify two significant dynamics. One is the level of political persecution upon the church. The other is the church’s own internal capacity.